“Whenever I’ve come to a crossroads or challenge in my life, I’ve always looked for guidance. As a Christian, it is important for me that whoever I seek out  to receive that guidance, also has a deep understanding of my faith and desire to serve the Lord. Someone who understands that while I may be struggling at this moment in my life, I am not seeking an ego-centric solution. When I seek guidance, I seek someone who, through the Lord, helps me to embrace the Cross but also claim the joy that was won for me by it. For all of these reasons, Christian Life Coaching is a truly a gift in that it is a way to navigate struggles, discern your desires, surrender to the will of God, and claim the love and joy Jesus desires to fill you with. Iklas is a woman surrendered to Christ. She does not have her own agenda. She only desires to support you in your journey to uncovering what God desires to fill your life with. She has been this for me as a mentor for years and she radiates the Spirit of the Lord. I trust that when she coaches me, she is truly only desiring that I love Jesus more, find His love, guidance, and healing, and come to manifest the woman HE has called me to be in this world.”

Cassidy Kassab, Art Therapist, Michigan


I attended Iklas’ workshop on boundaries with self and others. I was equipped with new tools on how to improve the relationships in my life.  It was quite informative and I gained new perspectives. I walked away with an increased confidence and greater awareness of the need for healthy boundaries with myself and others.

Adora Kassab, Broker/Realtor, Michigan