Why would anyone want a coach?

Individual coaching is a valuable investment in yourself!

It can help you realize your values and how you can best align your life according to them. It can help you get unstuck, moving out of old patterns of being.

It can help you discover your God given identity which will build your confidence.

It can expand your vision for the future, fulfill your dreams, unlock your potential, move through transitions and take practical steps toward your goals.

Coaching can help you with setting healthy boundaries which will create more balance in your life.

Whether you have a specific goal or need general guidance, our coaching relationship will develop in a way that supports you.

We begin by taking a look at all areas of your life and identifying those areas that are in need of attention and balance.

Since each person is unique, there are no two coaching sessions that will be the same. I will hold you accountable to a plan that is manageable and designed just for you.

I believe a lot of our unhappiness results not so much from what we do but what we don’t do. What is occupying most of your thoughts and energy?

What areas of your life do you long to change?

Each day holds within itself the promise of resurrection. Are you ready to take a leap of faith?

Individual coaching sessions are conducted via the telephone. More and more people are choosing telecoaching or telecounseling for self development because of the convenience of conducting sessions anywhere you like, especially in the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to working with you as you unfold into all that God longs for you to become!