A brand new offering beginning April 1, 2018!

If there are 3 or more of you who struggle with the same issue and long to experience breakthrough in this area of your life, I am available to meet with you to create a custom group coaching package!

This service is geared to any group:  parents, students, grandparents, couples, families…who share a common issue and want to work through it together!

Group coaching is a great alternative to individual coaching!

There are several benefits to being in a group. Members gain a sense of “universality” as they share their common struggles and a sense of altruism derived from group members helping each other.

You realize you are not alone!

Members of a cohesive group often experience a sense of belonging which may empower individual group members to make positive changes. A powerful group dynamic that adds to the mix is the instillation of hope and boost to self-efficacy that can be gained from seeing similar individuals make positive changes.

When individuals make commitments toward their goals in front of the group, they feel a greater sense of responsibility to follow through. They also feel less alone and are often open to learning from other client’s experience.

Group Coaching can be a more affordable option for many clients.

Many clients who participate in group coaching decide to  go ahead and try individual coaching for further enrichment and growth.

I am always in the process of learning and growing and creating myself so if there is a topic of interest to you or an area of growth you are interested in, I am open to customizing a group coaching program to fit your needs!


Please feel free to call me at 248.366.4934 or email at